Use All Possible Channels - Get More Referrals

Like all the best business networking and referral organisations, we believe that there has to be face to face contact with a structure and an agenda geared up towards encouraging all members to find business referrals and opportunities for each other. What we don't see is why you have to wait for the weekly meeting to pass the information on. If someone has a hot lead for you, wouldn't you prefer to receive it while it was still hot rather than leave it to go cool.

That's why the IN8 Networking structure includes an online element with a range of forums that include a section specific to chapter only, purely for passing referrals and other sales information.

Virtual you, real business opportunities - any time is referral time

Whatever time it is, it is a good time to pass a referral to a fellow member. We like to call the practice e-ferral, or the passing of e-ferrals. Even if the member concerned can't get to the phone, you can post a private message for them in the relevant forum, or send an email to their own, personal address.

By opening up as many channels of communication as possible, we reckon that the chances of a referral being lost, forgotten or going cold before the recipient gets it are greatly reduced, serving up piping hot prospects while they are just that, piping hot.