Effective Business Networking - And It's Free

If you are looking for more business, and who isn't, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools that you can use. Like any other form of advertising though, it needs to be used effectively and monitored rather than simply relying on recommendations through doing a great job.

There are many networking organisations that business people can join to do this, some more effective than others. The big difference with IN8 Networking is that membership is completely free. There are no annual fees and no meeting fees. Attendees at our breakfast meetings pay only for their choice from the menu directly to the venue.

There is only one rule: Just one representative from any trade or profession is welcomed at any group to strengthen loyalty and remove any crisis of conscience when referring. There are no rules about attendance as we believe people should come because they want to and because they get more business than if they didn't attend. It is very simple and makes the atmosphere relaxed and conducive to business.