Spread the Word - The IN8 Way

The IN8 Way is designed to just what it says on the tin. By taking the innate talents and character traits that make us all individual, we can learn to play to our strengths in order to win the business that we need.

All of the management team at IN8 have been subjected to an immense amount of training and networking from all sorts of organisations through their working lives. Some of this has been great, some good and some not worth getting out of bed for.

Learning within a learning organisation

Having had this amount of experience means that the IN8 Networking approach has been distilled over the years to incorporate the very best of what has been learned, with a few bits of original thinking thrown in to give you the best short-cut to networking and Word of Mouth Marketing effectiveness.

We will never lose sight of the value that regular face to face meetings have in building the kind of trust and relationships that you need with fellow members to turn them into the kind of sales team that you could only dream of before. Along with that though, it has to be accepted that the world has moved on and there is a wealth of opportunity brought to us by technology that can reinforce, support and supplement the work we do in meetings.