In order to promote the passing of new business between members, the structured agenda is created to give each the best possible understanding of all members' businesses and USPs.
ChairWelcome and introduction. Reminder of why we are all here and how businesses can help themselves through networking and membership
All membersMy Minute Marketeer. 60 Seconds to tell your colleagues what is great about you, and who they should be telling.
Membership CoordinatorCelebration of top performers. Who passed most business, who stimulated most membership applications. Chapter statistics. Includes analysis of face to face referrals and all e-ferrals passed via the chapter forum.
Volunteer MemberThe Weekly Wizard Wheeze. Each week, a volunteer member shares their best idea of the week before. This may be a particular sales or marketing technique, a way to get more referrals or to get a better impact with the various presentations that members make. Anything goes as long as it is a good idea that can help other members get more business.
TreasurerThe state of the chapter's finances and open discussion of plans to use these to the greater good.
Featured memberShowcase presentation. Ten minutes to expand on the My Minute Marketeer, and really go into detail about why their business should be the one to refer new customers to.
All membersPassing of referrals, outcomes and testimonials
Social SecAnnouncements and members' input
ChairSummary and close

The meeting should last no longer than 90 minutes and send people off to the next phase of their working day with a spring in their step and a smile on their face, ready to do business for themselves and their fellow members.