To reinforce the links between business face to face and on the Internet, IN8 Networking areas are managed by the local Village Websmith franchise. It makes sound business sense to combine the two biggest sources of customers available in this way. The franchisee will be there to:

  • Support group leadership teams through regular attendance
  • Organise training and development events within their area
  • Promote membership through assisting with visitor events
  • Circulate information on group performance
  • Manage the IN8 Networking web presence for local groups
  • Help group members get the best out of their entry in the IN8 Networking web presence
  • And of course, promote their own business like everyone else who is there

Group structure

To a great degree, groups will be autonomous, deciding on issues of meeting time, frequency and place, membership admissions and local promotions. The management team of volunteers will be changed regularly to keep the fresh approach going and will comprise the following people:

  • Group Chair
  • Membership and Growth Manager
  • Publicity and Press Officer
  • Social Secretary
Some groups will opt to meet weekly, some monthly, some will meet for breakfast while others choose to meet at other times. Flexibility to make a structure that suits the members is key in IN8 groups. Networking your way to get your kind of business.