Each of us has the potential to be at the very top of our business, trade or profession. Each of us has a different set of personality strengths and characteristics that we can use to our advantage in achieving this.

IN8 Networking believes in making the most of what we all are to get additional business through Word of Mouth Marketing, business referrals, personal recommendation and networking. The aim is to help you achieve this by providing an environment and structure that will:

  • Mix the best of face to face networking with online connections
  • Encourage the giving and receiving of business referrals at any time
  • Develop the individual members so that they can make the most of each opportunity
  • Increase not only the quantity of business prospects, but also the quality
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to all members
  • Give a platform for mutual coaching and development
  • Provide first class business training from coaches outside the organisation as well as inside
  • Give a real measure of value by analysing what is really important, not counting pieces of paper