Use All Possible Channels - Ad Hoc Social Functions

It is so much easier to find referrals for colleagues when they are friends as well. To help the social side of member interaction, each chapter is responsible for organising frequent social events outside the framework of normal business. These can be informal chats over a couple of drinks, sporting events, dinners or nights out at the theatre, movies or wherever you like.

The important thing is to involve as many people from the chapter, partners, friends, clients and visitors as possible to get to know each other on as many different levels as possible. Even your closest friend was someone you didn't know once, so was your biggest customer.

Where to go? You decide!

Because the responsibility of organising social events rests with the individual chapters, the style of events is chosen by the members to make sure of the greatest possible enjoyment. This will naturally lead to the best possible attendance, and while you will never please all of the people all of the time, the more you can please, the better it is going to be for all concerned.