Use All Possible Channels - Regular Face to Face Meetings

When you refer a customer to a fellow member, what you are saying to that person is "I trust you with my customer/friend/family member, and know that you will do a good job for them". In order to be that confident, there really is no substitute for getting together, face to face on a regular basis and learning about each other's business.

All IN8 Networking chapters use the same agenda week in, week out, because it is designed to give everyone the opportunity to pass on enough information about their own business to turn their colleagues into top sales people.

Where else can you get a virtual sales team of 20 to 40 business professionals working for you and have access to their accumulated wisdom and support at any time, day or night? Only by mixing the elements of face to face and online interaction can you make every second of your networking time count.

Flexible times, familiar structure

Just because our favourite time of day for networking and referral gathering is over breakfast, doesn't mean that everyone is expected to get up at ohmygoodness o'clock. IN8 Networking chapters can meet at any time of day they wish, so an area can support a breakfast group, a lunchtime group and an evening group. Provided they have enough members that is. Enough is usually 20 or more per group, so it is not a challenge to find that many like minded business people in an area and encourage them to meet up at the same time each week in order to get more business.

Naturally, the more members in a chapter, the more referrals each member will receive, so very often a majority decision will have to carry the day, but we are all grown-ups so can usually accept the best compromise for the sake of our businesses. You will never please everyone, but it is surprising how a handful of hot sales leads can make up for a less than ideal time of day.